Bible Society of South Africa

Welcome to the new and improved BibleSA

The development team has worked hard to improve the overall BibleSA experience and added new features, as requested by our valued BibleSA community.

Highlights of what you can expect:


  • Copy and paste of text can be done in two ways:
    1. 1.Drag and select: Drag and select your text, use 'control c' to copy and 'control v' to paste text into a document or right click on the mouse, click on copy and paste the text.
    2. 2.Follow the steps below:
      • Click on the first verse that you want to copy. The selected verse will be highlighted in light blue.
      • Then click on the last verse of the section you want to copy. The entire selection will then be highlighted in light blue.
      • A window will appear at the bottom of the screen with options to copy, share, highlight or make a note.
      • Select copy and in the window that opens, click on the blue copy button below the options (the options can be clicked if needed). A check mark will appear in the copy button when the text has been successfully copied.
      • The selected text is ready to be inserted into a document.

  • Audio Bibles will be available online in our official languages.
    Look out for the audio icon in the Bible reader section. When you click on the icon, an easy-to-use navigation bar will appear, which will enable you to move to different sections in the audio and even change the audio speed.

  • View your notes and highlights.


  • Easy navigation between the different Bible books, adding additional Bible translations to compare them in the Bible reader and more.

  • Toggle between Easy and Advanced Mode (depending on how much information you would like to display in the Bible text) to customise your reading experience. You will still be able to select the font and font size that you prefer.

  • Activate and display additional background information about the Bible passage that you are reading.

  • Improvements to highlights, notes and sharing.

  • Easier user interface language selection in the top menu bar.

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