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Bible Reading Plan – Day 124

Bible text(s)

An Evening Prayer

1I call to you, LORD; help me now!

Listen to me when I call to you.

2Receive my prayer as incense,

my uplifted hands as an evening sacrifice.

3LORD, place a guard at my mouth,

a sentry at the door of my lips.

4Keep me from wanting to do wrong

and from joining evil people in their wickedness.

May I never take part in their feasts.

5Good people may punish me and rebuke me in kindness,

but I will never accept honour from evil people,

because I am always praying against their evil deeds.

6When their rulers are thrown down from rocky cliffs,

the people will admit that my words were true.

7Like wood that is split and chopped into bits,

so their bones are scattered at the edge of the grave.

8But I keep trusting in you, my Sovereign LORD.

I seek your protection;

don't let me die!

9Protect me from the traps they have set for me,

from the snares of those evildoers.

10May the wicked fall into their own traps

while I go by unharmed.

A Prayer for Help

1I call to the LORD for help;

I plead with him.

2I bring him all my complaints;

I tell him all my troubles.

3When I am ready to give up,

he knows what I should do.

In the path where I walk,

my enemies have hidden a trap for me.

4When I look beside me,

I see that there is no one to help me,

no one to protect me.

No one cares for me.

5LORD, I cry to you for help;

you, LORD, are my protector;

you are all I want in this life.

6Listen to my cry for help,

for I am sunk in despair.

Save me from my enemies;

they are too strong for me.

7Set me free from my distress;

then in the assembly of your people I will praise you

because of your goodness to me.

A Prayer for Help

1LORD, hear my prayer!

In your righteousness listen to my plea;

answer me in your faithfulness!

2Don't put me, your servant, on trial;

no one is innocent in your sight.

3My enemies have hunted me down

and completely defeated me.

They have put me in a dark prison,

and I am like those who died long ago.

4So I am ready to give up;

I am in deep despair.

5I remember the days gone by;

I think about all that you have done,

I bring to mind all your deeds.

6I lift up my hands to you in prayer;

like dry ground my soul is thirsty for you.

7Answer me now, LORD!

I have lost all hope.

Don't hide yourself from me,

or I will be among those who go down to the world of the dead.

8Remind me each morning of your constant love,

for I put my trust in you.

My prayers go up to you;

show me the way I should go.

9I go to you for protection, LORD;

rescue me from my enemies.

10You are my God;

teach me to do your will.

Be good to me, and guide me on a safe path.

11Rescue me, LORD, as you have promised;

in your goodness save me from my troubles!

12Because of your love for me, kill my enemies

and destroy all my oppressors,

for I am your servant.

A King Thanks God for Victory

1Praise the LORD, my protector!

He trains me for battle

and prepares me for war.

2He is my protector and defender,

my shelter and saviour,

in whom I trust for safety.

He subdues the nations under me.

3LORD, what are mortals, that you notice them;

mere mortals, that you pay attention to them?

4They are like a puff of wind;

their days are like a passing shadow.

5O LORD, tear the sky apart and come down;

touch the mountains, and they will pour out smoke.

6Send flashes of lightning and scatter your enemies;

shoot your arrows and send them running.

7Reach down from above,

pull me out of the deep water, and rescue me;

save me from the power of foreigners,

8who never tell the truth

and lie even under oath.

9I will sing you a new song, O God;

I will play the harp and sing to you.

10You give victory to kings

and rescue your servant David.

11Save me from my cruel enemies;

rescue me from the power of foreigners,

who never tell the truth

and lie even under oath.

12May our sons in their youth

be like plants that grow up strong.

May our daughters be like stately pillars

which adorn the corners of a palace.

13May our barns be filled

with crops of every kind.

May the sheep in our fields

bear young by the tens of thousands.

14May our cattle reproduce plentifully

without miscarriage or loss.

May there be no cries of distress in our streets.

15Happy is the nation of whom this is true;

happy are the people whose God is the LORD!

A Hymn of Praise

1I will proclaim your greatness, my God and king;

I will thank you for ever and ever.

2Every day I will thank you;

I will praise you for ever and ever.

3The LORD is great and is to be highly praised;

his greatness is beyond understanding.

4What you have done will be praised from one generation to the next;

they will proclaim your mighty acts.

5They will speak of your glory and majesty,

and I will meditate on your wonderful deeds.

6People will speak of your mighty deeds,

and I will proclaim your greatness.

7They will tell about all your goodness

and sing about your kindness.

8The LORD is loving and merciful,

slow to become angry and full of constant love.

9He is good to everyone

and has compassion on all he made.

10All your creatures, LORD, will praise you,

and all your people will give you thanks.

11They will speak of the glory of your royal power

and tell of your might,

12so that everyone will know your mighty deeds

and the glorious majesty of your kingdom.

13Your rule is eternal,

and you are king for ever.

The LORD is faithful to his promises,

and he is merciful in all his acts.

14He helps those who are in trouble;

he lifts those who have fallen.

15All living things look hopefully to you,

and you give them food when they need it.

16You give them enough

and satisfy the needs of all.

17The LORD is righteous in all he does,

merciful in all his acts.

18He is near to those who call to him,

who call to him with sincerity.

19He supplies the needs of those who honour him;

he hears their cries and saves them.

20He protects everyone who loves him,

but he will destroy the wicked.

21I will always praise the LORD;

let all his creatures praise his holy name for ever.

In Praise of God the Saviour

1Praise the LORD!

Praise the LORD, my soul!

2I will praise him as long as I live;

I will sing to my God all my life.

3Don't put your trust in human leaders;

no human being can save you.

4When they die, they return to the dust;

on that day all their plans come to an end.

5Happy are those who have the God of Jacob to help them

and who depend on the LORD their God,

6the Creator of heaven, earth, and sea,

and all that is in them.

He always keeps his promises;

7he judges in favour of the oppressed

and gives food to the hungry.

The LORD sets prisoners free

8and gives sight to the blind.

He lifts those who have fallen;

he loves his righteous people.

9He protects the strangers who live in our land;

he helps widows and orphans,

but takes the wicked to their ruin.

10The LORD is king for ever.

Your God, O Zion, will reign for all time.

Praise the LORD!

In Praise of God the Almighty

1Praise the LORD!

It is good to sing praise to our God;

it is pleasant and right to praise him.

2The LORD is restoring Jerusalem;

he is bringing back the exiles.

3He heals the broken-hearted

and bandages their wounds.

4He has decided the number of the stars

and calls each one by name.

5Great and mighty is our Lord;

his wisdom cannot be measured.

6He raises the humble,

but crushes the wicked to the ground.

7Sing hymns of praise to the LORD;

play music on the harp to our God.

8He spreads clouds over the sky;

he provides rain for the earth

and makes grass grow on the hills.

9He gives animals their food

and feeds the young ravens when they call.

10His pleasure is not in strong horses,

nor his delight in brave soldiers;

11but he takes pleasure in those who honour him,

in those who trust in his constant love.

12Praise the LORD, O Jerusalem!

Praise your God, O Zion!

13He keeps your gates strong;

he blesses your people.

14He keeps your borders safe

and satisfies you with the finest wheat.

15He gives a command to the earth,

and what he says is quickly done.

16He spreads snow like a blanket

and scatters frost like dust.

17He sends hail like gravel;

no one can endure the cold he sends!

18Then he gives a command, and the ice melts;

he sends the wind, and the water flows.

19He gives his message to his people,

his instructions and laws to Israel.

20He has not done this for other nations;

they do not know his laws.

Praise the LORD!

A Call for the Universe to Praise God

1Praise the LORD!

Praise the LORD from heaven,

you that live in the heights above.

2Praise him, all his angels,

all his heavenly armies.

3Praise him, sun and moon;

praise him, shining stars.

4Praise him, highest heavens,

and the waters above the sky.

5Let them all praise the name of the LORD!

He commanded, and they were created;

6by his command they were fixed in their places for ever,

and they cannot disobey.

7Praise the LORD from the earth,

sea monsters and all ocean depths;

8lightning and hail, snow and clouds,

strong winds that obey his command.

9Praise him, hills and mountains,

fruit trees and forests;

10all animals, tame and wild,

reptiles and birds.

11Praise him, kings and all peoples,

princes and all other rulers;

12young women and young men,

old people and children too.

13Let them all praise the name of the LORD!

His name is greater than all others;

his glory is above earth and heaven.

14He made his nation strong,

so that all his people praise him —

the people of Israel, so dear to him.

Praise the LORD!

A Hymn of Praise

1Praise the LORD!

Sing a new song to the LORD;

praise him in the assembly of his faithful people!

2Be glad, Israel, because of your Creator;

rejoice, people of Zion, because of your king!

3Praise his name with dancing;

play drums and harps in praise of him.

4The LORD takes pleasure in his people;

he honours the humble with victory.

5Let God's people rejoice in their triumph

and sing joyfully all night long.

6Let them shout aloud as they praise God,

with their sharp swords in their hands

7to defeat the nations

and to punish the peoples;

8to bind their kings in chains,

their leaders in chains of iron;

9to punish the nations as God has commanded.

This is the victory of God's people.

Praise the LORD!

Praise the LORD!

1Praise the LORD!

Praise God in his Temple!

Praise his strength in heaven!

2Praise him for the mighty things he has done.

Praise his supreme greatness.

3Praise him with trumpets.

Praise him with harps and lyres.

4Praise him with drums and dancing.

Praise him with harps and flutes.

5Praise him with cymbals.

Praise him with loud cymbals.

6Praise the LORD, all living creatures!

Praise the LORD!

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