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Bible Reading Plan – Day 231

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The Festivals

18The Sovereign LORD said, “On the first day of the first month you are to sacrifice a bull without any defects and purify the Temple. 19The priest will take some of the blood of this sin offering and put it on the doorposts of the Temple, on the four corners of the altar, and on the posts of the gateways to the inner courtyard. 20On the seventh day of the month you are to do the same thing on behalf of anyone who sins unintentionally or through ignorance. In this way, you will keep the Temple holy.

21“On the fourteenth day of the first month you will begin the celebration of the Passover Festival. For seven days everyone will eat bread made without yeast. 22On the first day of the festival the ruling prince must offer a bull as a sacrifice for his sins and for those of all the people. 23On each of the seven days of the festival he is to sacrifice to the LORD seven bulls and seven rams without any defects and burn them whole. He is also to sacrifice a male goat each day as a sin offering. 24For each bull and each ram that is sacrificed, there is to be an offering of 17.5 litres of corn and three litres of olive oil.

25“For the Festival of Shelters, which begins on the fifteenth day of the seventh month, the prince will offer on each of the seven days the same sacrifice for sin, the same offerings to be burnt whole, and the same offerings of corn and olive oil.”

The Prince and the Festivals

1The Sovereign LORD says, “The east gateway to the inner courtyard must be kept closed during the six working days, but it is to be opened on the Sabbath and at the New Moon Festival. 2The ruling prince will go from the outer courtyard into the entrance room by the gateway and stand beside the posts of the gate while the priests burn his sacrifices whole and offer his fellowship offerings. There at the gate he must worship and then go out again. The gate must not be shut until evening. 3Each Sabbath and each New Moon Festival all the people are also to bow down and worship the LORD in front of the gate.

4“On the Sabbath the prince is to bring to the LORD, as sacrifices to be burnt whole, six lambs and one ram, all without any defects. 5With each ram he is to bring an offering of 17.5 litres of corn, and with each lamb he is to bring whatever he wants to give. For each such grain offering he is to bring three litres of olive oil. 6At the New Moon Festival he will offer a young bull, six lambs, and a ram, all without any defects. 7With each bull and each ram the offering is to be 17.5 litres of corn, and with each lamb the offering is to be whatever the prince wants to give. Three litres of olive oil are to be offered with each such grain offering of corn. 8The prince must leave the entrance room of the gateway and go out by the same way as he went in.

9“When the people come to worship the LORD at any festival, those who enter by the north gate are to leave by the south gate after they have worshipped, and those who enter by the south gate are to leave by the north gate. No one may go out by the same way as he entered, but must leave by the opposite gate. 10The prince is to come in when the people come, and leave when they leave. 11On the feast days and at the festivals the grain offering will be 17.5 litres with each bull or ram, and whatever the worshipper wants to give with each lamb. Three litres of olive oil are to be offered with each such grain offering.

12“When the ruling prince wants to make a voluntary offering to the LORD, either an offering to be burnt whole or a fellowship offering, the east gate to the inner courtyard will be opened for him. He is to make the offering in the same way as he does on the Sabbath, and the gate is to be closed after he goes out again.”

The Daily Offering

13The LORD says, “Every morning a one-year-old lamb without any defects is to be burnt whole as an offering to the LORD. This offering must be made every day. 14Also an offering of two kilogrammes of flour is to be made every morning, together with one litre of olive oil for mixing with the flour. The rules for this offering to the LORD are to be in force for ever. 15The lamb, the flour, and the olive oil are to be offered to the LORD every morning for ever.”

The Prince and the Land

16The Sovereign LORD commands: “If the ruling prince gives any of the land he owns to one of his sons as a present, it will belong to that son as a part of his family property. 17But if the ruling prince gives any of his land to anyone who is in his service, it will become the prince's property again when the Year of Restoration comes round. It belongs to him, and only he and his sons can own it permanently. 18The ruling prince must not take any of the people's property away from them. Any land he gives to his sons must be from the land that is assigned to him, so that he will not oppress any of my people by taking their land.”

The Temple Kitchens

19Then the man took me to the entrance of the rooms facing north near the gate on the south side of the inner courtyard. These are holy rooms for the priests. He pointed out a place on the west side of the rooms 20and said, “This is the place where the priests are to boil the meat offered as sacrifices for sin or as repayment offerings, and to bake the offerings of flour, so that nothing holy is carried to the outer courtyard, where it might harm the people.”

21-22Then he led me to the outer courtyard and showed me that in each of its four corners there was a smaller courtyard, twenty metres long and fifteen metres wide. 23Each one had a stone wall round it, with fireplaces built against the wall. 24The man told me, “These are the kitchens where the temple servants are to boil the sacrifices the people offer.”

The Stream Flowing from the Temple

1The man led me back to the entrance of the Temple. Water was coming out from under the entrance and flowing east, the direction the Temple faced. It was flowing down from under the south part of the temple past the south side of the altar. 2The man then took me out of the temple area by way of the north gate and led me round to the gate that faces east. A small stream of water was flowing out at the south side of the gate. 3With his measuring rod the man measured 500 metres downstream to the east and told me to wade through the stream there. The water came only to my ankles. 4Then he measured another 500 metres, and the water came up to my knees. Another 500 metres further down, the water was up to my waist. 5He measured 500 metres more, and there the stream was so deep I could not wade through it. It was too deep to cross except by swimming. 6He said to me, “Mortal man, note all this carefully.”

Then the man took me back to the bank of the river, 7and when I got there I saw that there were very many trees on each bank. 8He said to me, “This water flows through the land to the east and down into the Jordan Valley and to the Dead Sea. When it flows into the Dead Sea, it replaces the salt water of that sea with fresh water. 9Wherever the stream flows, there will be all kinds of animals and fish. The stream will make the water of the Dead Sea fresh, and wherever it flows, it will bring life. 10From the Springs of Engedi all the way to the Springs of Eneglaim, there will be fishermen on the shore of the sea, and they will spread out their nets there to dry. There will be as many different kinds of fish there as there are in the Mediterranean Sea. 11But the water in the marshes and ponds along the shore will not be made fresh. They will remain there as a source of salt. 12On each bank of the stream all kinds of trees will grow to provide food. Their leaves will never wither, and they will never stop bearing fruit. They will have fresh fruit every month, because they are watered by the stream that flows from the Temple. The trees will provide food, and their leaves will be used for healing people.”

The Boundaries of the Land

13The Sovereign LORD said, “These are the boundaries of the land that is to be divided among the twelve tribes, with the tribe of Joseph receiving two sections. 14I solemnly promised your ancestors that I would give them possession of this land; now divide it equally among you.

15“The northern boundary runs eastwards from the Mediterranean Sea to the city of Hethlon, to Hamath Pass, to the city of Zedad, 16to the cities of Berothah and Sibraim (they are located between the territory of the kingdom of Damascus and that of the kingdom of Hamath), and to the city of Ticon (located by the border of the district of Hauran). 17So the northern boundary runs from the Mediterranean eastwards to the city of Enon, with the border regions of Damascus and Hamath to the north of it.

18“The eastern boundary runs south from a point between the territory of Damascus and that of Hauran, with the River Jordan forming the boundary between the land of Israel on the west and Gilead on the east, as far as Tamar on the Dead Sea.

19“The southern boundary runs south-west from Tamar to the oasis of Kadesh Meribah, and then north-west along the Egyptian border to the Mediterranean Sea.

20“The western boundary is formed by the Mediterranean and runs north to a point west of Hamath Pass.

21“Divide this land among your tribes; 22it is to be your permanent possession. The foreigners who are living among you and who have had children born here are also to receive their share of the land when you divide it. They are to be treated like full Israelite citizens and are to draw lots for shares of the land along with the tribes of Israel. 23Foreign residents will receive their share with the people of the tribe among whom they are living. I, the Sovereign LORD, have spoken.”

The Special Section in the Centre of the Land

8The next section of the land is to be set apart for special use. It is to be 12.5 kilometres wide from north to south, and the same length from east to west as the sections given to the tribes. The Temple will be in this section.

9In the centre of this section, a special area 12.5 kilometres by ten kilometres is to be dedicated to the LORD. 10The priests are to have a portion of this holy area. From east to west their portion is to measure 12.5 kilometres, and from north to south, five kilometres. The Temple of the LORD is to be in the middle of this area. 11This holy area is to be for the priests who are descendants of Zadok. They served me faithfully and did not join the rest of the Israelites in doing wrong, as the other members of the tribe of Levi did. 12So they are to have a special area next to the area belonging to the Levites, and it will be the holiest of all. 13The Levites also are to have a special area, south of that of the priests. It too is to be 12.5 kilometres from east to west, by five kilometres from north to south. 14The area dedicated to the LORD is the best part of all the land, and none of it may be sold or exchanged or transferred to anyone else. It is holy and belongs to the LORD.

15The part of the special area that is left, 12.5 kilometres by 2.5 kilometres, is not holy, but is for the general use of the people. They may live there and use the land. The city is to be in the centre of it, 16and it will be a square, measuring 2,250 metres on each side. 17All round the city on each side there will be an open space 125 metres across. 18The land that is left after the city has been built in the area immediately to the south of the holy area — five kilometres by 2.5 kilometres on the east and five kilometres by 2.5 kilometres on the west — is to be used as farm land by the people who live in the city. 19Anyone who lives in the city, no matter which tribe he comes from, may farm that land.

20And so the total area in the centre of the section which was set apart will be a square measuring 12.5 kilometres on each side, and it will include the area occupied by the city.

28On the south side of the portion given to the tribe of Gad, the boundary runs south-west from Tamar to the oasis of Kadesh, and then north-west along the Egyptian border to the Mediterranean Sea.

29The Sovereign LORD said, “That is the way the land is to be divided into sections for the tribes of Israel to possess.”

35The total length of the wall on all four sides of the city is 9,000 metres. The name of the city from now on will be, “The-LORD-is-Here!”

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