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Bible Reading Plan – Day 58

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48That same day the LORD said to Moses, 49“Go to the Abarim Mountains in the land of Moab opposite the city of Jericho; climb Mount Nebo and look at the land of Canaan that I am about to give the people of Israel. 50You will die on that mountain as your brother Aaron died on Mount Hor, 51because both of you were unfaithful to me in the presence of the people of Israel. When you were at the waters of Meribah, near the town of Kadesh in the wilderness of Zin, you dishonoured me in the presence of the people. 52You will look at the land from a distance, but you will not enter the land that I am giving the people of Israel.”

Moses Blesses the Tribes of Israel

1These are the blessings that Moses, the man of God, pronounced on the people of Israel before he died.

2The LORD came from Mount Sinai;

he rose like the sun over Edom

and shone on his people from Mount Paran.

10,000 angels were with him,

a flaming fire at his right hand.

3The LORD loves his people

and protects those who belong to him.

So we bow at his feet

and obey his commands.

4We obey the Law that Moses gave us,

our nation's most treasured possession.

5The LORD became king of his people Israel

when their tribes and leaders were gathered together.

6Moses said about the tribe of Reuben:

“May Reuben never die out,

Although their people are few.”

7About the tribe of Judah he said:

LORD, listen to their cry for help;

Unite them again with the other tribes.

Fight for them, LORD,

And help them against their enemies.”

8About the tribe of Levi he said:

“You, LORD, reveal your will by the Urim and Thummim

Through your faithful servants, the Levites;

You put them to the test at Massah

And proved them true at the waters of Meribah.

9They showed greater loyalty to you

Than to parents, brothers, or children.

They obeyed your commands

And were faithful to your covenant.

10They will teach your people to obey your Law;

They will offer sacrifices on your altar.

11Lord, help their tribe to grow strong;

Be pleased with what they do.

Crush all their enemies;

Let them never rise again.”

12About the tribe of Benjamin he said:

“This is the tribe the LORD loves and protects;

He guards them all the day long,

And he dwells in their midst.”

13About the tribe of Joseph he said:

“May the LORD bless their land with rain

And with water from under the earth.

14May their land be blessed with sun-ripened fruit,

Rich with the best fruits of each season.

15May their ancient hills be covered with choice fruit.

16May their land be filled with all that is good,

Blessed by the goodness of the LORD,

Who spoke from the burning bush.

May these blessings come to the tribe of Joseph,

Because he was the leader among his brothers.

17Joseph has the strength of a bull,

The horns of a wild ox.

His horns are Manasseh's thousands

And Ephraim's 10,000s.

With them he gores the nations

And pushes them to the ends of the earth.”

18About the tribes of Zebulun and Issachar he said:

“May Zebulun be prosperous in their trade on the sea,

And may Issachar's wealth increase at home.

19They invite foreigners to their mountain

And offer the right sacrifices there.

They get their wealth from the sea

And from the sand along the shore.”

20About the tribe of Gad he said:

“Praise God, who made their territory large.

Gad waits like a lion

To tear off an arm or a scalp.

21They took the best of the land for themselves;

A leader's share was assigned to them.

They obeyed the LORD's commands and laws

When the leaders of Israel were gathered together.”

22About the tribe of Dan he said:

“Dan is a young lion;

He leaps out from Bashan.”

23About the tribe of Naphtali he said:

“Naphtali is richly blessed by the LORD's good favour;

Their land reaches to the south from Lake Galilee.”

24About the tribe of Asher he said:

“Asher is blessed more than the other tribes.

May he be the favourite of his brothers,

And may his land be rich with olive trees.

25May his towns be protected with iron gates,

And may he always live secure.”

26People of Israel, no god is like your God,

riding in splendour across the sky,

riding through the clouds to come to your aid.

27God has always been your defence;

his eternal arms are your support.

He drove out your enemies as you advanced,

and told you to destroy them all.

28So Jacob's descendants live in peace,

secure in a land full of corn and wine,

where dew from the sky waters the ground.

29Israel, how happy you are!

There is no one like you,

a nation saved by the LORD.

The LORD himself is your shield and your sword,

to defend you and give you victory.

Your enemies will come begging for mercy,

and you will trample them down.

The Death of Moses

1Moses went up from the plains of Moab to Mount Nebo, to the top of Mount Pisgah east of Jericho, and there the LORD showed him the whole land: the territory of Gilead as far north as the town of Dan; 2the entire territory of Naphtali; the territories of Ephraim and Manasseh; the territory of Judah as far west as the Mediterranean Sea; 3the southern part of Judah; and the plain that reaches from Zoar to Jericho, the city of palm trees. 4Then the LORD said to Moses, “This is the land that I promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob I would give to their descendants. I have let you see it, but I will not let you go there.”

5So Moses, the LORD's servant, died there in the land of Moab, as the LORD had said he would. 6The LORD buried him in a valley in Moab, opposite the town of Bethpeor, but to this day no one knows the exact place of his burial. 7Moses was 120 years old when he died; he was as strong as ever, and his eyesight was still good. 8The people of Israel mourned for him for thirty days in the plains of Moab.

9Joshua son of Nun was filled with wisdom, because Moses had appointed him to be his successor. The people of Israel obeyed Joshua and kept the commands that the LORD had given them through Moses.

10There has never been a prophet in Israel like Moses; the LORD spoke with him face to face. 11No other prophet has ever done miracles and wonders like those that the LORD sent Moses to perform against the king of Egypt, his officials, and the entire country. 12No other prophet has been able to do the great and terrifying things that Moses did in the sight of all Israel.

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