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40 Day Adventure – Day 33

WEEK 5 – Mirror, mirror in God’s hand

Bible text(s)

The Victory of Israel

17“But on Mount Zion some will escape,

and it will be a sacred place.

The people of Jacob will possess

the land that is theirs by right.

18The people of Jacob and of Joseph will be like fire;

they will destroy the people of Esau

as fire burns stubble.

No descendant of Esau will survive.

I, the LORD, have spoken.

19“People from southern Judah will occupy Edom;

those from the western foothills will capture Philistia;

Israelites will possess the territory of Ephraim and Samaria;

the people of Benjamin will take Gilead.

20The army of exiles from northern Israel

will return and conquer Phoenicia

as far north as Zarephath.

The exiles from Jerusalem who are in Sardis

will capture the towns of southern Judah.

21The victorious men of Jerusalem

will attack Edom and rule over it.

And the LORD himself will be King.”

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