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40 DAYS – Time with God – Day 13

Apple of God’s Eye

by Pat Baxter

Bible text(s)

The Prayer of an Innocent Person

1Listen, O LORD, to my plea for justice;

pay attention to my cry for help!

Listen to my honest prayer.

2You will judge in my favour,

because you know what is right.

3You know my heart.

You have come to me at night;

you have examined me completely

and found no evil desire in me.

4I speak no evil as others do;

I have obeyed your command

and have not followed paths of violence.

5I have always walked in your way

and have never strayed from it.

6I pray to you, O God, because you answer me;

so turn to me and listen to my words.

7Reveal your wonderful love and save me;

at your side I am safe from my enemies.

8Protect me as you would your very eyes;

hide me in the shadow of your wings

9from the attacks of the wicked.

Deadly enemies surround me;

10they have no pity and speak proudly.

11They are round me now, wherever I turn,

watching for a chance to pull me down.

12They are like lions, waiting for me,

wanting to tear me to pieces.

13Come, LORD! Oppose my enemies and defeat them!

Save me from the wicked by your sword;

14save me from those who in this life have all they want.

Punish them with the sufferings you have stored up for them;

may there be enough for their children

and some left over for their children's children!

15But I will see you, because I have done no wrong;

and when I awake, your presence will fill me with joy.

‘The Apple of The Eye’ was originally a metaphor used in biblical times to describe the spherical shape of the pupil: the most sensitive part of the body. The pupil is the structure that tells what a person is touched by, sees and cherishes most. The Hebrew understanding of the pupil literally means ‘the little man of the eye’ that shows what a person loves above all else.

In this text the psalmist sees that what is most important is to ask God that you be kept cherished and protected under His wing. The eye is thus the window to the soul. The plea is to be beloved, to be precious to God always. The psalmist asks to be protected from all else that may get in the way of this treasured love.

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