Bible Society of South Africa

40 DAYS – Time with God – Day 5

Things Shared

by Mike Muller

Bible text(s)

13In the same way, all of us, whether Jews or Gentiles, whether slaves or free, have been baptized into the one body by the same Spirit, and we have all been given the one Spirit to drink.

1 Corinthians 12:13GNBOpen in Bible reader

A right understanding of who Jesus is will lead us in a right understanding of the Church and what it means to be part of it. The Church exists because of the Cross; and if Jesus thinks the Church is important – then so should we.

When we gather in the name of Jesus and in response to God’s call to us to do so, we discover that God communes with this group of imperfect, diverse people, and empowers them to be salt and light in an otherwise unsavoury, dark world.

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