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Break Out – Day 1

Break out and live because God is always there

Bible text(s)

3The LORD sees what happens everywhere; he is watching us, whether we do good or evil.

Proverbs 15:3GNBOpen in Bible reader

19Listen! I have given you authority, so that you can walk on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the Enemy, and nothing will hurt you.

Luke 10:19GNBOpen in Bible reader

10The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come in order that you might have life — life in all its fullness.

John 10:10GNBOpen in Bible reader

In the British Museum, a map dating from the sixteenth century had, in accordance with the beliefs of the times, a number of captions and sketches that served as warnings for travellers. At one place it warns: “Here lives giants.” At another: “Beware of the dragons.” And yet another: “Here lives fire-spitting scorpions.”

To the faint hearted, these warnings stopped any dreams of travelling. Yet, after examining the map for a period of time, scientist Sir John Franklin crossed out the warnings one by one and then wrote across the map: “God is everywhere.”

None of us are spared from having to face potential “dragons, fire-spitting scorpions and giants” (in the form of financial pressure, illness or challenges at home or at work). Yet, what is your reaction amidst the warnings and threats? Do you allow fear to paralyse you, while losing hope for a better future? Or do you remind yourself, as Sir John Franklin, that God – the One who never changes – already knows your future and he also has all the answers?

In Proverbs 15:3, the poet writes: “The eyes of the LORD are everywhere …” In Luke 10:19 Jesus said: “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions, and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” And in John 10:10 Jesus said: “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Do you find yourself in a situation in which your heart is pounding and your stomach ties in knots? Let’s turn our eyes to God. He not only knows the future, he wants to lead us step by step past each dragon, scorpion and giant threatening to overwhelm us, so we can indeed have the abundant life which Jesus died for. God bless.

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