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Come to Me – Day 1

Guilty as charged

Bible text(s)

1This book contains the messages about Judah and Jerusalem which God revealed to Isaiah son of Amoz during the time when Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah were kings of Judah.

God Reprimands his People

2The LORD said, “Earth and sky, listen to what I am saying! The children I brought up have rebelled against me. 3Cattle know who owns them, and donkeys know where their master feeds them. But that is more than my people Israel know. They don't understand at all.”

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I love TV shows about lawyers and the intriguing cases they have to defend or prosecute! Before the nitty-gritty of who did and did not do what is revealed, the prosecutor explains the charges against the accused. The book of Isaiah starts out a bit like a court case; he is a prosecutor laying out his case to a jury.

It is clear to see why charges have been brought against Judah and Jerusalem – they have broken the sacred covenant that the Lord made with them. They are corrupt. They do evil and practise sin. They have no regard for God.

However, what about the defence? What does the accused have to say for themselves? I imagine they would be very indignant – after all, the people on trial for rejecting God have a long list of all the “righteous” things they do. They would say, “But your Honour! We give offerings, we confess our sins, we go to church, we pray.” The problem of course, was their attitude. They were simply going through the motions; saying one thing on Sunday and doing the opposite on Monday morning.

God hates hypocrisy – then and today. When people just go through the religious motions of going to church to impress people or cover up wrongdoing, God hates it. When you consider whether you live a righteous life, is your regular church attendance at the top of your “I’m living right” list? Have you considered how you live from Monday to Saturday?

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