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Come to Me – Day 11

You are mine!

Bible text(s)

God Promises to Rescue his People

1Israel, the LORD who created you says,

“Do not be afraid — I will save you.

I have called you by name — you are mine.

Isaiah 43:1GNBOpen in Bible reader

How often has someone said to you, “Don’t worry, God has a plan!” Do you always believe this? Or do you have days when you look at your circumstances and think to yourself, “But does he really? How can I know that God has a plan that I can trust?”

Isaiah reminds us that God is our creator, the one who formed us. When we make something, we usually have a purpose for the thing we have made. Then, if indeed God has created us, isn’t it possible that we might be obligated to perform according to his expectations and we risked being used by a malevolent and vengeful God?

However, the first thing our creator tells us is not to fear. He goes on to explain why. He gives us two reasons. First, he has ransomed us, redeemed us. This points to the great buy-back plan by Jesus Christ, who redeemed his people through his death on the cross. Second, he has called us by name. Replace “Jacob” and “Israel” with your name; how do you feel now? God has promised never to forsake us and he has explicitly said that we are his. This creator loves his creation! To know someone by name means that you know them personally, that they are not just a face or a number. God desires to know us personally, to have a relationship with us.

We need to have a relationship with him too. When we become completely dependent on him, then we have fulfilled, in part, our purpose here on this earth.

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