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Fearlessly forward – Day 7

Fearlessly forward with our eyes on Jesus

Bible text(s)

27“I am the LORD, the God of the whole human race. Nothing is too difficult for me.

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37For there is nothing that God cannot do.”

It was late at night. Pitch dark on the Sea of Galilee. Hours earlier, the disciples saw how Jesus multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish to feed five thousand people. They were stunned by another one of His miracles. Jesus then sent them away with the boat while He went to pray on the mountain.

The sea was stormy, with waves breaking erratically against the boat. None of the disciples could sleep. Then suddenly, through the fog on the water, they saw a man walking towards them — on the water. Fear overwhelmed them and they started shouting hysterically. Was it a ghost? Would they die there? The shock was even greater when the man called to them in a familiar voice: “Take courage, it is I. Do not fear.” It was Jesus.

Peter was courageous enough to answer back: “Lord, if it really is you, tell me to come to you on the water.” Jesus did. With eyes fixed on Him, Peter carefully climbed out of the boat and took the first few steps on the water without sinking. However, the moment Peter looked away from Jesus at the wind and waves bustling around him, fear took the place of faith and he started to sink. In that moment Jesus held out his hand towards Peter and pulled him onto the boat, asking: “Peter, why did you doubt?” They climbed into the boat and the wind ceased.

Sometimes we also need faith when “walking on the water”, for instance, when we take tough decisions in the workplace, with our family, our finances or about our future. Perhaps you are currently walking on water, with a storm bustling around you that threatens to overtake you. Don’t let it. Let us remind ourselves that our characters are tested during difficult and uncertain situations, while it creates an opportunity for God to demonstrate His character and greatness. In Jeremiah 32:27 God says: “I am the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me?” And in Luke 1:37 Jesus says: “Nothing is impossible with God.”

When Peter cried out to Jesus as he started to sink, Jesus grabbed him and immediately helped him onto the boat while the storm subsided. He can do the same for you. His hand is already stretched out towards you. Grab it as you keep your eyes on Him. God bless.

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