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Neville Turley

Gems from the Psalms – Day 9

A command from God

Bible text(s)

10“Stop fighting,” he says, “and know that I am God,

supreme among the nations,

supreme over the world.”

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Among the many precious gems to be found in the treasure chest of the Psalms, our verse for today, especially the first line, must rank on everyone’s list of favourites. “Be still and know that I am God.”

Psalm 46 has been a source of strength and inspiration for believers through the ages. Martin Luther, among others, composed his great hymn, “A mighty fortress is our God” based on Psalm 46.

Although the earth may be a cosmic catastrophe and the nations all at war, the Lord Almighty, whose power is absolute, is with us. He is our refuge and strength, and ever ready to intervene on our behalf.

The psalmist has boundless trust in God’s power. The earth may be tottering, but there is one unshakable Rock, God. God is all the security we need. Self-confidence in our own abilities to provide for ourselves can be an admirable virtue, but not if in planning our security, we leave God out of the equation.

“Be still” can often be misunderstood as a request to focus on what is being said. However, it has a much deeper implication than that. It is a divine command. “Stop what you are doing and confess that I am God.”

Unfortunately, it often takes a major blow, a sudden tragedy or a serious medical operation to shock us into reality. We should not wait for a crisis to spur us to action. There is no better time than now.

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