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God’s grace, love and power – Day 1

Many things cannot be proved

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God's Glory in Creation

1How clearly the sky reveals God's glory!

How plainly it shows what he has done!


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How do you prove that God exists? Or does not exist? Someone once claimed, in a speech, that God does not exist and that he could prove it: “If there is a God, he can kill me. I give him two minutes.” Dramatically, the man watched his watch and when nothing happened after two minutes, he concluded: “You see, there is no God.” Immediately thereafter, a woman shouted from the audience: “He still likes you too much!” (2 Peter 3:9).

The woman’s remark showed that the man had, in principle, not proven anything. There was more than one explanation for the fact that the man did not die. But it remains an important question: Does God exist or not?

I do believe that God exists. But like the man above, I can no more prove my faith than he can prove his disbelief. Is it, then, stupid to believe in something that cannot be proved? No, because there are only a few things that one can prove. You cannot prove that the sun will rise tomorrow, yet we believe it will happen. You cannot prove that you love your spouse, and yet it is true.

Is there something that can help us to believe that God exists? Someone said that if God exists, he would have to let his existence be observed. He would make himself known and look for ways to contact us.

The Bible says that God took the initiative to seek contact with people (1 Samuel 3:21). The clearest and most obvious way was when he came to us in his Son, Jesus Christ. In Jesus, God lived among us and showed us who he is.

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