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God’s grace, love and power – Day 14

He is not like a boss

Bible text(s)

12The younger one said to him, ‘Father, give me my share of the property now.’ So the man divided his property between his two sons.

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The parable of the prodigal son remains gripping: The boy who has grown tired of the farm, took his inheritance, went away and eventually ended up in a pigsty.

The boy’s father did not hold him back at all. He let him go. God does this with us too. If we do not want to be with God anymore, he lets us go. Of course, he would not want us to go. He gives us our inheritance too: our eyes, ears, hands, mind, whatever God gave us at birth. With this, you may then do as you wish.

But what does this life without God look like, a life without the church, without faith, without a Bible? Is there any meaning in such a life? The son in the parable, apparently, enjoyed his life. But later on, he missed something. He did not have a friend, a real friend. When his money and partying was over, he had no friends left. The only company he had was the pigs. And he was jealous of the pigs, because they, at least, had something to eat.

He realised, then, that his father was actually his friend. It dawned on him that his father was not like a boss. There were rules at his father’s house, but his father cared for him. He realised that he had made a mistake and decided to go back home. What a brave decision.

He wondered if his father would take him back. Yes, he thought, because my father is my friend, isn’t he? And so it was. His father was waiting for him and welcomed him with open arms.

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