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God’s grace, love and power – Day 6

He created you

Bible text(s)

16For through him God created everything in heaven and on earth, the seen and the unseen things, including spiritual powers, lords, rulers, and authorities. God created the whole universe through him and for him.

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Your life comes from God – it is a gift from him. I hope you are happy with your life and that you enjoy life. I hope that you use your life to do whatever God has intended you to do with it.

But, what if you are not happy with the life you have? It’s not that you do not want to live, but you wish you had a different life. Then maybe, you would have been more musical than you are; then maybe, you would not be as short and round as you are now; then maybe, you would not be struggling financially as you do. And so, each one of us could make a list.

Unfortunately, you cannot exchange your life. Human life does not work that way. You cannot give your life back to God and ask for another one. There is only one solution. You should accept your life as it is. We could also say, you should accept yourself as you are.

There is no sense in seeing yourself as worthless and unwanted. In the eyes of God, you are not worthless. Rather, God sees you as precious and accepts you unconditionally (Psalm 139:13-18). He even let his Son die on a cross for you (Romans 8:32). He wants you to live a happy life. God gives before you can ask anything you need to live. God gives before he demands something from you.

Learn to accept and receive his grace, love, power and many other blessings every day. The more you understand this, the better you may accept your unique life and circumstances. And finally, you will come to like yourself.

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