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Lessons for life from the Bible – Day 13

Abigail, beautiful and intelligent

Bible text(s)

16A gracious woman is respected, but a woman without virtue is a disgrace.

Lazy people will never have money, but aggressive people will get rich.

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There are human interest stories in the Bible which would make excellent films. The story of Abigail, who was beautiful, clever and kind, is a scriptwriters dream. Abigail’s husband, Nabal, was wealthy, surly and mean.

David and his men had set up camp to avoid Saul in Mahon. There, David had met some of Nabal’s shepherds and had given them hospitality and protection.

When the sheep shearing session began, David sent ten men to Nabal asking for aid. Nabal contemptuously insulted and denigrated their master. He refused to help. The men repeated to David what Nathan had said. David was incensed and swore vengeance.

Abigail was shocked to hear what Nabal had done. She ordered the servants to load a supply of provisions on donkeys for David. As soon as she could, she followed them without telling her husband.

They intercepted David on his way to kill Nabal. Abigail threw herself down before David and abjectly apologised, putting all the blame on herself to save her husband. She begged David’s forgiveness.

Abigail gave David the provisions and David told her, “Go home in peace. I have heard your words and granted your request.” (1 Samuel 25:35)

When Abigail got home, Nabal was partying. He was so drunk; she could not speak to him. The next day when she told him what she had done, he had a heart attack. Nabal died ten days later.

On hearing of his death, David asked Abigail to become his wife. She accepted. They led an adventurous nomadic life evading Saul. At one stage, Abigail was captured by the Amalekites and only after a fierce battle, was David able to rescue her. After Saul died, they settled in Hebron. There, David was anointed King of Judah and Abigail bore him a son, Kileab. (2 Samuel 3:2)

Abigail’s life is testimony to a godly, humble and loyal woman who was prepared to put her husband first at all times.

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