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New Hope (Part 1) – Day 3

New hope ... knowing that God knows your heart’s desires

Bible text(s)

13The LORD looks down from heaven

and sees the whole human race.

14From where he rules, he looks down

on all who live on earth.

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24Then they prayed, “Lord, you know the thoughts of everyone, so show us which of these two you have chosen

Six-year-old Kelly-Bianca Holmes stared at the group of people with wide-eyes as they loaded the furniture from the truck parked in front of their flat. That night would be the first night in a long time where she, her two brothers and her father would not have to sleep on a folded blanket serving as a mattress on the floor of their one bedroom apartment, but on a comfortable bed with a real mattress.

Kelly-Bianca’s father tried his best to care for her and her brothers on his meagre salary as a security guard, after her mother left the family for another man. The burden of his responsibility, his children’s overdue school fees and his daily challenge to put food on the table started to take its toll, and his hope for a better future hung by a thread.

We, at Radio Tygerberg 104FM in the Cape Peninsula, heard about their situation during our Project Oasis. With this project, listeners nominated individuals or families who were going through a tough “desert time” in their lives. We then sent a team out early in the morning, during our breakfast show, to surprise a specific family with a voucher for groceries. To the family in need, this became an “oasis” moment amidst their desert.

Thanks to sponsors and listeners who contributed to the project, we could surprise Kelly-Bianca’s family with not only groceries, but also with beds and other furniture, as well as Christmas gifts we got from an organisation that collects Christmas gifts for children. In addition, we were able to share the good news with the father that the children’s outstanding school fees will be paid in full and their school fees will be paid in advance that year as well. This news caused tears of joy.

We later found out that Kelly-Bianca had been asking her grandmother and father, for weeks, for a specific doll she saw on a television commercial. They could not afford it, so she silently prayed that God would give it to her. From all the Christmas gifts collected, the one gift the organisation unknowingly sent with us to give to the little girl, was the doll Kelly-Bianca had prayed for. Nobody knew it, but God did not forget it.

Just as God was involved in the detail in Kelly-Bianca’s life, he wants to be involved in our lives too. He knows our heart’s desires. In Psalm 33:13-14 we read: The Lord looks down from heaven and sees the whole human race. From his throne he observes all who live on the earth. God not only sees us, but he knows our hearts. In Acts 1:24 we read: Then they prayed, “Lord, you know everyone’s heart.”

If you find yourself in a desperate situation and you can only speak to God, do not despair. He knows your financial challenge, your spouse’s hardened heart, your desire for a spouse or a child, or whatever your concern may be. Just continue to trust him. He will establish a breakthrough in your life at exactly the right time. He is Almighty and nothing is impossible with him. God bless.

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