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Praise him – Day 23

Give me …

Bible text(s)

17Show me proof of your goodness, LORD;

those who hate me will be ashamed

when they see that you have given me comfort and help.

Psalms 86:17GNBOpen in Bible reader

In our previous daily reading we spoke about prayer which is the hotline of hope that keeps us in contact with God and generates power so that we can live as God wants. Prayer is also the raw, naked acknowledgement of our inability to change ourselves, but at the same time it is also a declaration of our dependence on God’s ability when we ask: “Lord, give me …”

David is suffering at the hands of people who are treating him badly, attacking him and even wanting to kill him, which is why he begins his prayer in Psalm 86 with the words: “Hear me, Lord, and answer me, for I am poor and needy.” In the requests that follow, it is clear that he needs protection, salvation, grace, forgiveness and the joy of God in his life (Psalm 86:1-5). In the midst of these depressing circumstances, he does not hesitate to sing of God’s power and greatness and it motivates him to such an extent that he prays: “Show your strength … save me … Give me a sign of your goodness …” (Psalm 86:16-17). He is actually asking God for a sign, a miracle in his life that will silence his enemies when they see what God does for his people. He wants God to use him as an example.

There was someone else who made a similar request. An arrogant young man demanded that his father give him his inheritance prematurely. He then squandered the entire inheritance and ended up penniless and in desperate straits. With a deep awareness of his sin against his father and heaven, he resolved to return to his father, saying: “Make me like one of your hired servants” (Luke 15:19).

Sometimes, as in David’s case, other people are the cause of our misery. More often than not, like the son who squandered his inheritance, it is our own wrong choices and mistakes that lead us astray. Both of them, however, prayed with sincere intentions and a contrite heart, and both prayers were answered. The wonder of these two stories is that a loving father was ready and waiting to welcome his child with open arms and a blessing.

Your Father is also waiting for you.

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