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Remember his strength – Day 3

Ears to hear

Bible text(s)

9And Jesus concluded, “Listen, then, if you have ears!”

We all know the experience of hearing, but not hearing. We can recall boring lectures, speakers or conversations where we were obliged to participate, but the event held no interest for us.

Jesus is referring to something similar in the above verse. He had come as God’s Son to redeem mankind, but there were many who did not believe him and, in fact, openly opposed him. Jesus then made this statement, which contains a whole world of truth in it: only those who want to hear, actually do hear!

The truth is that many people do not have an ear for Jesus or for the word of God. They seem closed and unreceptive. It is only those whose ears God has opened, who actually hear what he has to say. Of course, there are many who think they are indeed open to God and religion, but they are so full of their own ideas, that the word of God has no chance of a foothold in their thinking.

Some would be greatly offended today, if it was suggested to them that they are not listening to God, nor even capable of doing so, for their “ears are not open”. However, it is sadly true that there are those who think they know it all, yet who know nothing.

When we meet people like this, let us not be angry with them, nor despise them. Remember, we were once like this too. Then, divine grace touched us, and we heard and understood. Let us ask God to give us the open ear to hear and believe his word.

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