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Neville Turley

Time is precious – Day 4

Every day is a blessing from the Almighty

Bible text(s)

24This is the day of the LORD's victory;

let us be happy, let us celebrate!

Psalms 118:24GNBOpen in Bible reader

If you lived in a time when worship at the temple in Jerusalem was mandatory, you would know this verse well. For it is part of a hymn of thanksgiving and praise to God.

Once a year people would gather in a procession outside the temple for the Feast of Tabernacles, which is very similar to the Harvest Sunday celebrated in some Christian churches today. During this feast God’s children are commanded to rejoice for the blessing of God’s provision and care. It is considered to be especially important to be charitable towards others at this time.

Too often our minds are crowded with our own concerns. In a full agenda of daily activities, it is so easy to put God low on our list of priorities. We need to remember that every day we wake up is a gift from God. The Almighty Sovereign God who created heaven and earth and made us in his own image has made this day for us. He is a great and wonderful God.

From generation to generation, he calls his children to serve and glorify him. This is now our time and that reality should fill us with joy. Through no merit of our own he loves us and has placed us on earth for a purpose and a period – but not forever! For that reason, our thoughts each day should express our overwhelming gratitude and praise for a God who loves us deeply.

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