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To The Word – Day 222

Psalms 112–117

Bible text(s)

The Happiness of a Good Person

1Praise the LORD!

Happy is the person who honours the LORD,

who takes pleasure in obeying his commands.

2The good man's children will be powerful in the land;

his descendants will be blessed.

3His family will be wealthy and rich,

and he will be prosperous for ever.

4Light shines in the darkness for good people,

for those who are merciful, kind, and just.

5Happy is the person who is generous with his loans,

who runs his business honestly.

6A good person will never fail;

he will always be remembered.

7He is not afraid of receiving bad news;

his faith is strong, and he trusts in the LORD.

8He is not worried or afraid;

he is certain to see his enemies defeated.

9He gives generously to the needy,

and his kindness never fails;

he will be powerful and respected.

10The wicked see this and are angry;

they glare in hate and disappear;

their hopes are gone for ever.

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In Praise of the LORD's Goodness

1Praise the LORD!

You servants of the LORD,

praise his name!

2May his name be praised,

now and for ever.

3From the east to the west

praise the name of the LORD!

4The LORD rules over all nations;

his glory is above the heavens.

5There is no one like the LORD our God.

He lives in the heights above,

6but he bends down

to see the heavens and the earth.

7He raises the poor from the dust;

he lifts the needy from their misery

8and makes them companions of princes,

the princes of his people.

9He honours the childless wife in her home;

he makes her happy by giving her children.

Praise the LORD!

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A Passover Song

1When the people of Israel left Egypt,

when Jacob's descendants left that foreign land,

2Judah became the Lord's holy people,

Israel became his own possession.

3The Red Sea looked and ran away;

the River Jordan stopped flowing.

4The mountains skipped like goats;

the hills jumped about like lambs.

5What happened, Sea, to make you run away?

And you, O Jordan, why did you stop flowing?

6You mountains, why did you skip like goats?

You hills, why did you jump about like lambs?

7Tremble, earth, at the Lord's coming,

at the presence of the God of Jacob,

8who changes rocks into pools of water

and solid cliffs into flowing springs.

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The One True God

1To you alone, O LORD, to you alone,

and not to us, must glory be given

because of your constant love and faithfulness.

2Why should the nations ask us,

“Where is your God?”

3Our God is in heaven;

he does whatever he wishes.

4Their gods are made of silver and gold,

formed by human hands.

5They have mouths, but cannot speak,

and eyes, but cannot see.

6They have ears, but cannot hear,

and noses, but cannot smell.

7They have hands, but cannot feel,

and feet, but cannot walk;

they cannot make a sound.

8May all who made them and who trust in them

become like the idols they have made.

9Trust in the LORD, you people of Israel.

He helps you and protects you.

10Trust in the LORD, you priests of God.

He helps you and protects you.

11Trust in the LORD, all you that worship him.

He helps you and protects you.

12The LORD remembers us and will bless us;

he will bless the people of Israel

and all the priests of God.

13He will bless everyone who honours him,

the great and the small alike.

14May the LORD give you children —

you and your descendants!

15May you be blessed by the LORD,

who made heaven and earth!

16Heaven belongs to the LORD alone,

but he gave the earth to the human race.

17The LORD is not praised by the dead,

by any who go down to the land of silence.

18But we, the living, will give thanks to him

now and for ever.

Praise the LORD!

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Someone Saved from Death Praises God

1I love the LORD, because he hears me;

he listens to my prayers.

2He listens to me

every time I call to him.

3The danger of death was all round me;

the horrors of the grave closed in on me;

I was filled with fear and anxiety.

4Then I called to the LORD,

“I beg you, LORD, save me!”

5The LORD is merciful and good;

our God is compassionate.

6The LORD protects the helpless;

when I was in danger, he saved me.

7Be confident, my heart,

because the LORD has been good to me.

8The LORD saved me from death;

he stopped my tears

and kept me from defeat.

9And so I walk in the presence of the LORD

in the world of the living.

10I kept on believing, even when I said,

“I am completely crushed,”

11even when I was afraid and said,

“No one can be trusted.”

12What can I offer the LORD

for all his goodness to me?

13I will bring a wine offering to the LORD,

to thank him for saving me.

14In the assembly of all his people

I will give him what I have promised.

15How painful it is to the LORD

when one of his people dies!

16I am your servant, LORD;

I serve you, just as my mother did.

You have saved me from death.

17I will give you a sacrifice of thanksgiving

and offer my prayer to you.

18-19In the assembly of all your people,

in the sanctuary of your Temple in Jerusalem,

I will give you what I have promised.

Praise the LORD!

Psalms 116GNBOpen in Bible reader

In Praise of the LORD

1Praise the LORD, all nations!

Praise him, all peoples!

2His love for us is strong

and his faithfulness is eternal.

Praise the LORD!

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