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From eternity to eternity, He is God – 19 June 2020

By Ben Fourie

Bible text(s)

26People of Israel, no god is like your God,

riding in splendour across the sky,

riding through the clouds to come to your aid.

27God has always been your defence;

his eternal arms are your support.

He drove out your enemies as you advanced,

and told you to destroy them all.

Deuteronomy 33:26-27GNBOpen in Bible reader

Paying a visit to the Brandberg in Namibia some years ago, made a big impression on me. It was very hot and because of the severe drought, three desert elephants moved into the gap leading to the famous rock-art site, so instead of an easy route, we had to scramble over rocks, walk through gullies and scale a few low hills. Our party was comprised of me, my wife, three young people from France and our guide. Although I have seen rock art in various locations in South Africa, this was something very special. It set me wondering about what compels us, as humans, to create something like this art, something that will outlive us. This seems to be so from very early in human history.

It also manifests in the oldest religions where people were seeking something greater than themselves, something more enduring than the few years given to each of us here on earth. Some painted on rocks, we believe in what we call eternal life, but before we can even think of eternal life, there has got to be an eternal God – El Olam in the Bible.

The entire chapter 33 in Deuteronomy is Moses’ last message to his people. This sermon is meant as a blessing for every tribe and for the nation as a whole, but the most important part of the sermon are verses 26 and 27. Although their great leader, Moses, was going to die shortly, the people should not worry as the real refuge is not to be found in leaders, but in the Eternal God. Leaders come and go, God alone is eternal, He is our refuge. He is the one that carries us in His arms and when the hourglass has run out for us here on earth, the Eternal God will be there.

Prayer: We, as finite beings, cannot do anything else but praise you as the eternal One, the One who will give us eternal life. Amen

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