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God, the One who journeys with us – 10 December 2020

By Hennie Symington

Bible text(s)

9For the full content of divine nature lives in Christ, in his humanity,

Colossians 2:9GNBOpen in Bible reader

In the Hebrew tradition, the Spirit of God was referred to as the Shekinah, the word for dwelling or “the one who dwells”. It is the term used to describe the phenomenon that God dwells amongst mankind. We have his Word that “nothing can separate you from my love!” And as you are enveloped in the light of God, this truth becomes very real for you: “God lives in us, and God’s love is perfected in us” (1 John 4:12-13).

At this time of this Advent especially we find ourselves searching and yearning for the radiance of God to flash through our broken world, covering all of creation with his ever watchful eyes.

This past year we have seen so much pain, disaster and destruction that we are praying for a new revelation in our times. We are desperately watching for a fiery pillar or a cloud above us to show the way in the desert of our lives. Yet, the Word assures us that God is always present in us, around us and close to us. What’s more, the Spirit of God resides in us.

As you anticipate the beginning of the Advent season, reflect on the ways in which you have encountered the presence of God in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. This is a time for radical conversion. This is the time to open our hearts and of letting go of our secret sins, our addictions, our destructive behaviour, our excuses and our wounds and welcome God to dwell in our hearts. May you experience God in this time of waiting in a very real way.

Prayer: God, we have been bruised this past year. Yet, in our pain we have experienced your presence and your comfort. Open our hearts to change and regeneration so that we can be a shelter for those who have lost all hope. Amen

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