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Your days have been numbered – 7 April 2020

By Hennie Symington

Bible text(s)

10Seventy years is all we have —

eighty years, if we are strong;

yet all they bring us is trouble and sorrow;

life is soon over, and we are gone.

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Seventy years is all we have –
Eighty years, if we are strong;
Yet all they bring is trouble and sorrow;
Life is soon over, and we are gone.
Teach us how short our life is,
so that we may become wise. Psalm 90:10

In the Bible there are many references to the brevity of life. It is compared to the grass of the field which lasts for a day then the wind passes and it is gone. Yet God offers you a chance to write history with your life. You can add value to life on earth. You can make a difference. However, the question is: when do you start living passionately? Maybe only after we understand and truly comprehend that our time on earth is limited, and that there is no way to know how many days remain, that we will start living every day as if it is our last day on earth.

That’s how Christ lived his life. Because he knew that his days on earth were numbered – he had been allotted just over 12 000 days – he used his time wisely. He knew why he came to earth. It was written in the stars at his birth. His whole life was directed on his calling.

How passionately are you focused on fulfilling your mission?

Prayer: Lord, my life hardly makes a ripple on the surface. Inspire me with your love to live my life with passion. Amen

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