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Focus on your own calling – 23 July 2021

By Ewald Schmidt

Bible text(s)

5“Go and tell my servant David that I say to him, ‘You are not the one to build a temple for me to live in. 6From the time I rescued the people of Israel from Egypt until now, I have never lived in a temple; I have travelled round living in a tent. 7In all my travelling with the people of Israel I never asked any of the leaders that I appointed why they had not built me a temple made of cedar.’

2 Samuel 7:5-7GNBOpen in Bible reader

Every believer wants to live a life honouring God to the best of his or her ability. When the Spirit of God takes control, we want to do as much as possible, using every opportunity to serve God. We do this in gratitude for all his love, kindness and grace he bestows upon our lives. But we cannot do everything ourselves. Today, we learn to discern what our responsibility is and what is not?

Every believer is called to love God with all of his or her heart, soul and mind. We are also accountable to God for loving our neighbour as ourselves. This is universal for every believer. But then God has gifted us with the gifts of the Spirit. He has given each of us a different set of opportunities to use it to his glory.

David did wonderful things in his service to the Lord. Read the beautiful testimonial God gives him from verse 8. The Lord used him to unite the nation of Israel, and to finally conquer all the land promised to Abraham. With the conquest of Jerusalem, the task was completed. David also brought stability through his military defence of the country against all enemy action. He helped set the kingdom on a good path for the next chapters of its history. He stayed true to the calling of the Lord over his life. In 2 Samuel 7, he wants to put the cherry on top. He wants to build a temple that will be worthy of God. But this was not God’s plan. Even if it sounded like such a good idea.

From God’s response, we understand that he was happy with the tent in the desert as a symbol of his presence. He is the mobile God, moving around with his people. Later on, a temple would be built, and time and again the people would think that God was only living inside the temple, that He did not see what was going on in the world outside.

The point here is: David was reminded to stay in his lane. He had to focus on that which God has called him to do. He thought a temple would be a good legacy to leave his people. God gave him an even better one, read 2 Samuel 7:16, “Your house and your kingdom shall endure for ever before me; your throne shall be established for ever.” With this promise the world is being prepared for the arrival of Jesus, who would not live in buildings, but in the hearts of his people.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your goodness and mercy in my life. Thank you for blessing me with the gifts and the opportunities given by the Spirit, equipping me for my calling. Help me to remain faithful and diligent in doing what you prepared for me. Amen

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