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God and Jesus – I am who I am – 4 October 2021

By Carina Francke

Bible text(s)

14God said, “I am who I am. This is what you must say to them: ‘The one who is called I AM has sent me to you.’

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The Israelites knew him as Yahweh, often translated as Jehovah or Lord. But in Exodus 3:14, God introduces himself to Moses as “I am” (who I am). This name written in three letters of the English alphabet engraves and reveals the eternal power and immutability of God’s name into the believer’s spirit. He is the Self-existent, the eternal, the One who is, was and always will be from everlasting to everlasting. (Psalm 90:2) He confirms the truth of this unique name when He commands Moses to remind the Israelites of his promise of the covenant that He is “the God of their fathers.” (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) “’This is my name for ever, the name you shall call me from generation to generation.’” (Exodus 3:15)

Do you understand what this means? God is who He is – unchangeable. What He promised to the patriarchs, He would fulfil to the letter. He is the source of everything: everything is from him; He is always in the now, and unto eternity, He is what He is. Do you realise what this means for us? In him, every promise of the Word, is “Yes” and “Amen!”

This name is the sum total of who God is – regarding his disposition, character, nature, etc. He is! What godly reassurance amidst our chaotic and fast-changing world – we can find safety and security in our Ever-the-same God. The believer can entrust his or her future into the hands of God because He already knows the details of everyone’s tomorrow. With that in mind, I wonder whether we should not rather follow and enjoy him, instead of trying to analyse him.

The being of God, the I AM, is also present in Jesus Christ. In a conversation with unbelieving Jews, Jesus warned them that they would die in their sins, unless they believed that He is Who He says He is: “I AM”. (John 8:24) With reference to his coming crucifixion, Jesus helps them to understand what He is saying: “When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am he …” (John 8:28) Like God, he refers to his relationship with Abraham as a final confirmation to affirm the truth of who He is: “before Abraham was born, I am!” (John 8:58) That is the name by which He should be called from age to age. Why? “I am God’s Son.” (John 10:36)

Prayer: Heavenly Father, what an anchor of faith to know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ our Saviour are who they are. And that we, by faith, may be part of this godly, eternal I AM family, because we know that the Father and the Son are “the same yesterday and today and for ever”. (Hebrews 13:8) Amen

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