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It’s all about Jesus – 1 March 2021

By Louise Gevers

Bible text(s)

3He reflects the brightness of God's glory and is the exact likeness of God's own being, sustaining the universe with his powerful word. After achieving forgiveness for human sins, he sat down in heaven at the right-hand side of God, the Supreme Power.

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It is no secret that the world is in turmoil. In a hostile, new world, people everywhere are battling to survive and make sense of their lives. No-one is exempt and no-one has the answer to the problems of increased joblessness, hunger, restrictions and uncertainty on all fronts that the pandemic has brought. The world’s sense of well being has been shaken as these dark times test the faith and values of us all.

If we have nothing in our lives to anchor us, it is very easy to lose sight of those important things that enable us to be strong and keep us calm and focused to survive the onslaught, instead of slowly being dragged down until each new problem or challenge that comes our way threatens to overwhelm us. To know where our confidence lies when our world is being shaken prevents us from running aground.

This gem of a verse from Hebrews highlights why hope in Jesus is secure in any turmoil.

A bride is radiant on her wedding day as her joy transforms her and she glows with happiness; but this cannot be compared with the dazzling beauty of intricate, shimmering rays pouring out God’s glorious light to the dark world through Jesus. Jesus as “the exact representation of his being” encompasses everything we need: He is God. And though we are of the earth and He is of heaven He bridges the gap.

Jesus’ coming to earth presented ordinary people with the opportunity to see the greatness and mercy of God in an ordinary man who did extraordinary things, and to glimpse the reality of heaven. Jesus brought a new experience of God to earthly matters, transforming forever our understanding of Him through His teaching.

Jesus made an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father possible through His sacrifice. God, who will reign forever and ever, is with us.

Jesus, God in human form, helps us to stand strong and endure any attack: “Don’t be afraid of your enemies; always be courageous … because it is God who gives you the victory.” (Philippians 1:28) We know the peace of being forgiven and the joy of His gift of eternal life.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, You are the light of God’s glory and the Truth of who He is. You hold all things together as His powerful Word and provide the way to Him. We can have no better anchor in our turmoil and trials. Help me to hold Your hand each step of the way. Amen

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