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What is power? – 13 April 2021

By Xanthe Hancox

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Power can be dangerous.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, as they old adage goes.

History has shown that those who pursue power can do tremendous harm, and you only have to turn on the TV to see examples of this in real-time. Power and its pursuit have corrupted leaders in all spheres of life, causing them to seek selfish gain at the expense of others.

God holds the ultimate power to do anything in this world and beyond. If God wanted to bring destruction on a rebellious world, he could do it in an instant. But the Lord Almighty is also the God of compassion and love. He chose instead to offer redemption and reconciliation to the world. Jesus, the Son of God, chose to humble himself and take on mortal, human flesh.

Jesus came into this world, and he could have quickly claimed rightful kingship over all. But instead he chose the status of a servant, submitting to the suffering of persecution and death on a cross so that people could live once again in the full love of God.

Rather than curry favour with rulers and people on influence, Jesus sought out people who were poor, disadvantaged, outcast, and otherwise forgotten.

Jesus Christ defined ultimate power.

By his life, death, and resurrection, he provided a model of humility and service that true power displays.

Prayer: Lord Almighty, all power belongs to you. All glory and honour are yours. Yet you humbled yourself for our sake, and for that we are most grateful. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen

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