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A holy life – 8 April 2022

By Ewald Schmidt

Bible text(s)

A Call to Holy Living

13So then, have your minds ready for action. Keep alert and set your hope completely on the blessing which will be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. 14Be obedient to God, and do not allow your lives to be shaped by those desires you had when you were still ignorant. 15Instead, be holy in all that you do, just as God who called you is holy. 16The scripture says, “Be holy because I am holy.”

1 Peter 1:13-16GNBOpen in Bible reader

The Holy Spirit introduced Jesus to us as Lord, we accepted him as our Saviour. He is the Messiah foretold by the prophets in the Old Testament. Through faith in him, we receive a new life, we are followers of Christ, living with hope. We follow him all the days of our lives, until we reach our destination at the throne of our Father. This is what Peter taught us so far – this is God’s work in our lives. But what is our responsibility in response to the love and grace of God?

The Bible states the importance of our way of thinking in many verses. We are called to have minds that are alert and fully sober. The new life in Christ begins with the way that we think. Before we knew Christ, we were spiritually speaking, fast asleep. That is the implication of this verse. We were not aware of God’s plan for our lives, and we were intoxicated by the desires of this world, and of our flesh. But now we are new creatures in Christ. We are living with a new hope. This hope is built on the solid foundation of Christ, our Lord. We follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, and allow him to transform our lives to the glory of God, honouring what Jesus has done for us.

Before Jesus became Lord, there was an old life, one in which I was the captain of my ship, the master of my destiny. I did what I wanted to, I was the most important person in my life. I followed my heart’s desires without regard for the well-being of others.

But now, in Christ, I am a new being. I do not live for myself any more, but to glorify my Lord in everything I do. Now my greatest ambition is not having it all my way any more. I want to follow Christ, giving my all to be a living sacrifice to him, honouring him in every thought, word and deed. My desire is not to have my will at all cost any more, but to be like Jesus – to be holy, Jesus is holy. Holiness is supposed to be a beautiful state of living. Holiness means to be set apart in the service of God. It is pure, without any malice, good in all its intentions. It is to live with passion inside the will of God. This is the example that Jesus has set us. This is the life giving us meaning, peace and joy.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your renewing work in my life. Thank you that you have provided everything I need to be a child of God. Help me, by the power of your Spirit, to live a holy life, honouring you in every thought, word and deed. Help me to live, grow and flourish in the will of God, to your glory. Amen

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