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Fear and worries: What if I fail? – 18 February 2022

By Charlea Sieberhagen-Grey

Bible text(s)

9Remember that I have commanded you to be determined and confident! Don't be afraid or discouraged, for I, the LORD your God, am with you wherever you go.”

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Did you know that the American entrepreneur, film-maker and illustrator, Walt Disney, was fired from his job working for the Kansas City Star newspaper in 1919? The editor of the newspaper felt that Walt, who worked as a cartoonist, lacked creativity. Shortly thereafter, he managed an animation studio, but it became bankrupt a while thereafter. It was only later, in 1928, that he achieved success with a character called Mickey Mouse. Today, the name Walt Disney is world famous and synonymous with creativity and the fantasy world of animation films.

Every new year brings with it new challenges and opportunities. Often, you have to make your own decisions about how you will tackle the challenges or grab the opportunities. Sometimes, new challenges and opportunities mean that change is around the corner. And this is in of itself, a terrifying thought. Not all of us necessarily like change and challenges. Our comfort zone is normally a safe space, why would we then want to upset the apple cart?

Sometimes we have no choice and sometimes, we know that the new opportunity is actually the right step to take. It does not necessarily mean that you will tackle it fearlessly. What if you fail? What if you are not good enough? What if you make a mistake while embarking on a new challenge? What if you make things worse?

It is important to remember that it is human to make mistakes. Sometimes we are going to fail. God knows this. But just because you have failed, does not mean that you are a failure.

The Bible says that God wants us to be “strong and courageous”. He wants us to take risks and try things because that means we are learning life lessons and growing. It also teaches us to trust God because, over and over in the Bible, he promises that he goes with us wherever we go. By no means, do we embark on challenges on our own and we do not need to try to solve our problems on our own either. God walks with us. He inspires and leads us.

This means that we do not need to fear failure, we need not be afraid that we will make mistakes, because God will still be with us. Have you ever thought about this differently? Instead of focusing on your fear of failure, have you perhaps considered: What if I achieve great success because I trust in God?

Prayer: Dear God, I am sometimes so afraid of failing. Help me not to be afraid. Help me to tackle the challenges fearlessly and grab hold of the opportunities that come across my path because I know that you are with me. Amen

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