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Listen to God’s warnings – 9 June 2022

By Ben Fourie

Bible text(s)

20Some of the king's officials were afraid because of what the LORD had said, and they brought their slaves and animals indoors for shelter. 21Others, however, paid no attention to the LORD's warning and left their slaves and animals out in the open.

Exodus 9:20-21GNBOpen in Bible reader

The huge swarms of locusts that were present in many parts of the country during the past months had to have given those who encountered them an idea of the impact of the great disasters that devastated much of Egypt in the time of Moses. My wife and I were travelling in the Northern Cape and encountered some swarms, but the only “damage” sustained was a very dirty vehicle. Many farmers sustained much damage to the veld and crops without being responsible for their losses.

In our verse for the day, we read about farmers in Egypt who also suffered huge losses when the mighty hailstorm hit them, but in this case they were fully responsible for their losses. They had already suffered previous disasters: frogs, gnats, flies, death among the animals and boils. In spite of this, a large number did not heed God’s word when he warned them that all people and animals left out in the open would be killed by the hail. It is interesting that there were some of Pharaoh’s officials who remembered the devastation of the previous disasters and were afraid of what the LORD had said. They brought their slaves and animals into sheltered places.

It is difficult to understand that there were those who still did not believe the word of God and left their slaves and animals out in the open. It was a decision with catastrophic results. All people and animals left out in the open were killed. It was such a huge storm that even the plants and trees were struck down and broken.

It is always dangerous not to heed God’s words and warnings. The results can also be catastrophic. The wonderful consolation is that for everyone who heeds his word, there is no danger and no punishment.

Prayer: We thank you for giving us guidelines and warnings as to how to live our lives properly throughout your word. Please help us to heed these guidelines and warnings. Amen

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