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Along the right paths - 6 October 2023

By Imogen Campbell

Bible text(s)

3He gives me new strength.

He guides me in the right paths,

as he has promised.

Psalms 23:3GNBOpen in Bible reader

A shepherd guides the sheep, making sure that they are headed in the right direction. When they feel inclined to go astray, he gently brings them back to the fold with his crook.

I see how the God of the Bible is exactly like this. When we follow his statutes, he is our guide through life in a world that is filled with tumult and distraction. These days, a myriad of commitments, responsibilities and recreational pastimes all vie for our attention.

It is easy to compromise on solid time with the Lord in those moments. Soon we find his voice drowned out by everything else. The cunning enemy of our souls is, of course, fully alert to possibilities and willing to lead us even further from God. But it does not have to be this way.

A famous American preacher joked that God is like our personal global positioning system (GPS) navigational system taking us where we need to be. He pointed out that each of us has our own journey to embark upon and, as a result, one cannot use the GPS system of another. No, God’s guidance is tailor-made for each person and journey.

In addition, we need not misunderstand the directions like sometimes happens with the GPS system telling one to take some fork off the road in 400 m. Or misunderstand due to disturbance from outside or from noisy fellow travellers. And even if we do, he manages to bring us back with his staff.

The Word of God, inspired over centuries, is our unerring compass – leading us to our personal true north. Through God’s flawless Word, we are able to discern the direction for our lives as mapped out in his Word. And yes, some of us are not good with maps, but this cartographer has built in all we need to keep us on the right path and firmly on track.

Amazingly, the Word of God, as revealed in his inspired Word – according to Revelation 19:13 his name is the Word of God – is our guide through this life and he is incredibly experienced. Not only does he know the way, he is the way to the Father and he offers us eternal life where we can live with him for ever.

Prayer: We praise you, Lord, not only for a Bible that teaches us your way and ways, but also for revealing the Way to you so we may be with you for ever. Amen

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