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Simple enough - 23 October 2023

By Imogen Campbell

Bible text(s)

The Law of the LORD

7The law of the LORD is perfect;

it gives new strength.

The commands of the LORD are trustworthy,

giving wisdom to those who lack it.

Psalms 19:7GNBOpen in Bible reader

A while back, as had sadly become the norm, I found myself running late for work again. While frenetically rushing around and preparing to leave, a scruffy-looking man stopped at the gate and asked for something to eat.

Flummoxed that he could not seem to understand that I was in a hurry, I told him that I was running late, and as a consequence, unable to help him. Then it hit me – this man had no idea what I was on about – no concept of work, certainly not my desire to be punctual either.

Thoughts of God occupied my mind. He had always been perfectly aware that these rather silly sheep called human beings, would have no clue about most things, and would need a God who actually lived in their world.

The Teacher, as Jesus was also known, was a master storyteller. He could use a parable, an analogy, allegory or imagery, to convey complex concepts to humans in a way that they understood. He came at a time when the agrarian lifestyle and family life were universal and magnificently used these to illustrate his points.

To me, that is the absolute wonder that is the Word of God. Simple enough that anyone can hear it and come to faith, yet so complex that academia never fails to mine precious nuggets of wisdom.

God designed the mechanics of the universe in the most intricate of detail. He has an incredibly thorough understanding of any theory, axiom, hypothesis, etc. that the brightest of human minds have ever cared to craft. He is profoundly familiar with the boiling points of metals, and how to create the most durable of materials.

Yet, despite immense complexity, the rudimentary teachings of the Bible are also simple enough for us to understand. Nothing is too complicated or beyond the saving love of our God and nothing prevents us from experiencing the transformation wrought by the Word or the refreshment of repentance craved by our souls.

Prayer: Thank you, God, that your Bible is so nuanced and well crafted that our needs are met no matter the level of our education. Thank you for using parables and figurative language that make complex concepts so simple. Amen

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