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Who is God? – Day 12

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21If you wander off the road to the right or the left, you will hear his voice behind you saying, “Here is the road. Follow it.”

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Life can be seen as a journey that man makes for the number of days allotted to him on this earth. It is an exciting journey because he is given freedom of choice and can enjoy making decisions as he goes along, as to where and how to go, but it can also be a lonely journey at times and fraught with challenges.

Now we know that even when we embark on the simplest journey, it can only be successful if we choose the right route and don’t get lost along the way! Imagine how a hungry family would feel if the mother of the house went off to buy groceries for dinner and got lost down town, returning after dark empty-handed. Or what would happen if you had an urgent business meeting in London to attend and the aeroplane landed you in China?

I know that many of you will be thinking how unlikely the above scenarios would be, but do you realise why they would be unlikely? Because you would expect responsible and resourceful people to be involved and besides, there are checks and balances along the way. There are things that help you on your journey like road signs and maps, and people who can guide you, like policemen and air traffic controllers. In fact, we often take for granted just how much is provided for us.

Now if we need guidance and can depend on the infrastructure of our towns and cities to provide it physically, surely we have need of similar guidance spiritually. In Matthew 7:13 we are warned: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” Where do people find guidance to know what the narrow gate is and how to enter it? Is it not a temptation to ignore this aspect of life because it makes us think and spirituality is something that takes time to cultivate? God provides His Word and many ministers to help us.

Again, we need to ask ourselves: “Whose voice do we hear when we are deviating to the right or to the left and leaving that straight path?” Who is it that cares about us so much that if we just listen carefully for that quiet, calm voice we will hear: “This is the way; walk in it”?

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