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Who is God? – Day 9

The Champion

Bible text(s)

21So do not be afraid of these people. The LORD your God is with you; he is a great God and one to be feared.

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4The LORD your God is going with you, and he will give you victory.’

Deuteronomy 20:4GNBOpen in Bible reader

The Israelites were standing at an exciting, yet terrifying, juncture in their history as God’s chosen people. They were about to enter the Promised Land, the fulfilment of God’s promise, but they were petrified as they had to drive out the seven nations, that were larger and stronger than they, that already possessed it, before they could settle there.

We all know about survival of the fittest and can identify all too well with the challenges that faced the Israelites in being the smaller group. We often hear of situations where weaker groups are beaten into submission by the more powerful, whether it is in nature, politics or on the playground and, in some circumstances as in a political act of aggression, may even end up being wiped out. It is little wonder that those smaller groups end up feeling vulnerable, terrified and in need of protection. We may have had an experience of it.

It was no different for Israel. Just as two opposing sports teams who face each other know who is stronger before they start, so the Israelites, as a small group of wandering tribes, knew that they were facing a daunting adversary! But they were God’s people.

They had a champion: the One who had called them out of Egypt through Moses — none other than God the LORD. He reassures them of His love for them and reminds them that their size and number do not matter to Him in His scheme of things. He is with them and is great and awesome. As their Redeemer, and in honour of His oath to their forefathers, He promises that He will go with them, to fight for them and to give them victory. What an incredible God!

What this tells us about God is that He is passionate about His people and their wellbeing. He cares about them so much that He will be their champion. He knows that they are weak, and small in number, but He is not affected by external things; He just shows His power and strength all the more. And He still cares about His people today and fights for them!

Whoever belongs to God need never sit terrified, facing a challenge, because God is still the champion of His people!

Who is God? Is He your champion?

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