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Danny Fourie

Who is this Man? – Day 16

The power of Jesus over nature and people

Bible text(s)

42Everyone ate and had enough.

44The number of men who were fed was 5,000.

The reports of how special Jesus is, continues unabated. He fed more than 5 000 people with five fish and two loaves of bread. A baker would have baked for days to deliver so many loaves. He did the same with seven loaves of bread, a while later.

He walked on water as if gravity did not exist. Initially, the disciples thought it was a ghost. He silenced a roaring thunderstorm; on his command, the sea calmed down. The people may not believe in Him, but nature obeys Jesus.

Jesus rode an untamed donkey – never been ridden before, into Jerusalem.

At Jesus’ command, a herd of 2 000 possessed pigs rushed over an abyss into the sea. Who is this Man that everything and everyone, the whole world over, listens to Him? Apparently, there is no part of the world which He does not have power over.

Jesus said to Andrew and Simon, “Come, follow me, and I will send you out to fish for people.” I can imagine that the fishermen looked at each other. Are you completely …? This is our whole life. We have invested thousands. Yet, James and John, sons of Zebedee, left their father, business, boat and personnel without hesitation and followed Jesus. Levi, the corrupt tax official, left his office without looking back and followed Jesus. Apparently, no one could resist Him. What did Jesus emanate? What was so convincing about Him? His eyes? Strange that those fishermen followed a total stranger. Who is this Man?

Creation has never denied the power of Jesus. It appears that only opinionated human beings do that. We are the only ones who can say yes or no. That makes us so unique and yet so vulnerable.

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