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Advent: Fourth Sunday of Advent


Mary's Song of Praise

46Mary said,

“My heart praises the Lord;

47my soul is glad because of God my Saviour,

48for he has remembered me, his lowly servant!

From now on all people will call me happy,

49because of the great things the Mighty God has done for me.

His name is holy;

50from one generation to another

he shows mercy to those who honour him.

51He has stretched out his mighty arm

and scattered the proud with all their plans.

52He has brought down mighty kings from their thrones,

and lifted up the lowly.

53He has filled the hungry with good things,

and sent the rich away with empty hands.

54He has kept the promise he made to our ancestors,

and has come to the help of his servant Israel.

55He has remembered to show mercy to Abraham

and to all his descendants for ever!”

Luke 1:46-55GNBOpen in Bible reader

A Hymn in Time of National Trouble

1O LORD, I will always sing of your constant love;

I will proclaim your faithfulness for ever.

2I know that your love will last for all time,

that your faithfulness is as permanent as the sky.

3You said, “I have made a covenant with the man I chose;

I have promised my servant David,

4‘A descendant of yours will always be king;

I will preserve your dynasty for ever.’ ”

Psalms 89:1-4GNBOpen in Bible reader

God's Promise to David

19In a vision long ago you said to your faithful servants,

“I have given help to a famous soldier;

I have given the throne to one I chose from the people.

20I have made my servant David king

by anointing him with holy oil.

21My strength will always be with him,

my power will make him strong.

22His enemies will never succeed against him;

the wicked will not defeat him.

23I will crush his foes

and kill everyone who hates him.

24I will love him and be loyal to him;

I will make him always victorious.

25I will extend his kingdom

from the Mediterranean to the River Euphrates.

26He will say to me,

‘You are my father and my God;

you are my protector and saviour.’

Psalms 89:19-26GNBOpen in Bible reader
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