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Kersfees: Geboorte van die Here – Proper III

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The Greatness of God's Son

4The Son was made greater than the angels, just as the name that God gave him is greater than theirs. 5For God never said to any of his angels:

“You are my Son;

today I have become your Father.”

Nor did God say about any angel,

“I will be his Father,

and he will be my Son.”

6But when God was about to send his firstborn Son into the world, he said:

“All God's angels must worship him.”

7But about the angels God said,

“God makes his angels winds,

and his servants flames of fire.”

8About the Son, however, God said:

“Your kingdom, O God, will last for ever and ever!

You rule over your people with justice.

9You love what is right and hate what is wrong.

That is why God, your God, has chosen you

and has given you the joy of an honour far greater

than he gave to your companions.”

10He also said:

“You, Lord, in the beginning created the earth,

and with your own hands you made the heavens.

11They will disappear, but you will remain;

they will all wear out like clothes.

12You will fold them up like a coat,

and they will be changed like clothes.

But you are always the same,

and your life never ends.”

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