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Are you grateful? – Day 1

Are you grateful?

Bible text(s)

20In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, always give thanks for everything to God the Father.

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Ten men were banned from society because of their incurable skin disease. They had to leave behind their homes, loved ones and dreams for the future, while stepping into a life of isolation. This was life at that time, once you were diagnosed with leprosy.

The news of Jesus passing their town filled these men with hope. Would he perhaps be able to heal them? Desperately, they ran to the road where Jesus and his disciples passed. While stopping at a safe distance from the other people, these men started shouting in a loud voice: “Jesus, great Teacher, please feel sorry for us!” Some of them even knelt in the dust while pleading with tears running down their cheeks. They knew Jesus was their only hope to achieve normality in their lives again. The question remained: Would he bestow mercy upon them?

Jesus looked at the men. He felt sorry for them and replied: “Go straight to the priests. Let them examine you and declare that you are healed.” On the way to the priests, their leprosy disappeared. A turning point. A moment of healing. A moment of restored hope and joy. All ten men were healed, yet only one turned back to thank Jesus for this miracle.

In Ephesians 5:20 we read: “Thank God the Father always about everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Looking back on your life, which of your prayers were answered? In which area did you experience breakthroughs? Your finances? Did God save your marriage? Are you pregnant at last? Were you healed from a disease? Or did you get a job after months of searching for one? Did you thank God specifically for your breakthrough or did you, like the nine men, blindly move on with life after receiving a miracle?

Living with a thankful attitude makes it easier to live according to the words in Ephesians 5:20. We will thank God in the good as well as in the difficult times, knowing that he remains in control. And because he knows the future, he can also suddenly establish that turning point in your life, a moment of healing and restored hope.

Let us stay thankful and continue to thank God – like that one man, the Samaritan, who turned back to Jesus – so that we too can hear him say: “Your faith has saved you.” God bless.

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