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New Seasons – Day 1

New Seasons

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A Time for Everything

1Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses.

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September is the month of spring. Although the weather hasn’t completely changed, there’s an excitement in the air for the new season that waits. The two trees in our front garden have a light green covering of leaves and buds. Birds sing from the top of their lungs. The new season is here!

Sometimes, people talk about a new season in their lives; they’re talking about a new phase of life. Perhaps, they’ve started a new job or maybe there have been changes in their family. Sometimes, we speak about a new season when we are embarking on a lifestyle change – perhaps, you’ve decided to eat healthier, get fitter, read your Bible more or spend more time in prayer.

When people refer to a season in their lives, they usually refer to a certain stage of life. Someone told me recently that he’s now entering into a season of dedication, because he wants to do more and more to live closer to the Lord. He was going to be making an effort to sort out the wrong things in his life. Someone else wanted to enter a season of prayer, to get more serious about prayer.

As spring starts blossoming outside, it’s a good time to think about the direction and purpose of your life. The start of September is a good time to be still before God and consider your spiritual season. Perhaps, it’s time for a new start in your life. Perhaps, winter has carried on for too long and bad habits have formed – then it’s time for a new season of serving God with new enthusiasm. There’s never a better time to start a new season in your life than now.

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