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The role of trees in the Bible – Day 10

The cedar tree (Part 3) — The Lord is my rock, he makes me strong and beautiful

Bible text(s)

12The righteous will flourish like palm trees;

they will grow like the cedars of Lebanon.

13They are like trees planted in the house of the LORD,

that flourish in the Temple of our God,

14that still bear fruit in old age

and are always green and strong.

15This shows that the LORD is just,

that there is no wrong in my protector.

Psalms 92:12-15GNBOpen in Bible reader

When we began this brief series of messages on trees, we looked at a tree which was described in Psalm 1:3, where the Christian was compared to a tree planted by the rivers of water. We were told that, like the tree, we would bring forth fruit and that our leaves would not wither. We also learnt that with God as our gardener, we would always prosper.

A couple of days ago we spoke about how, in biblical times, if you wanted to build something that would last a long, long time, if you wanted the building to be beautiful and strong, you’d use the cedars of Lebanon.

So it’s no mistake that Psalm 92 is just as specific and says that God will make us to be like cedars of Lebanon. The writer didn’t just choose his favourite tree. He chose a symbol for beauty and strength; he chose the tree used in the construction of the temple. When the psalmist says we’ll be like cedars of Lebanon, everyone who heard that psalm would know, “God’s going to make me strong and beautiful. Cedars are the pillars of the temple, and God’s going to make me a pillar in his kingdom, a person who is strong in the faith among his people. Just like how the cedars were used to build the temple, God will build his kingdom using me.”

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