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Time is precious – Day 11

Our time is not his time

Bible text(s)

8But do not forget one thing, my dear friends! There is no difference in the Lord's sight between one day and a thousand years; to him the two are the same.

2 Peter 3:8GNBOpen in Bible reader

Augustine, one of the early church fathers, stated that time was the property of creation. Before creation, time as we know it, did not exist.

However, we being part of creation are subject to time. Eternity has no such restraints. God does not reckon time as we do. This may be why to some Christians the second coming of Christ seems to be taking too long.

Then also, there are always detractors who scorn Christian beliefs. They are ever ready to play on such doubts and undermine one’s faith.

Peter warned the early Christians (2 Peter 3:4) that scoffers would ask: “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised?” Men doubted that our Lord would return in human form in Peter’s day and there are those who doubt it now in our time.

It seems so long since our Lord first came to earth to save us from our sins, so long since he laid down his life for us on the cross. Yet, has it really been that long since the blackest day in history? Less than a million days have passed since his crucifixion and resurrection!

Peter tells us that the reason for the delay is the patience of God. He does not want anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).

That is the challenge to us. We do not know when the Lord Jesus Christ will return, but until he does, we must remain active in his service. We must lead godly lives, be faithful to his word and grasp every opportunity to share his gospel.

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