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Time is precious – Day 9

The second coming of our Lord

Bible text(s)

No One Knows the Day and Hour

36“No one knows, however, when that day and hour will come — neither the angels in heaven nor the Son; the Father alone knows.

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Through the ages people have claimed to know the date of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ – some out of honest conviction, others with more questionable motives.

Jesus is certainly coming again. His second coming is a prominent theme in the Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ himself testified that he will return with his saints to reign. God, through his Word, gives us abundant assurances regarding Christ’s coming without satisfying our curiosity as to when that will occur.

That day is hidden in the counsels of God.

Jesus foresaw there would be no shortage of plausible people deceiving the gullible with their claims. Anyone, no matter who they are, who claims to know the date and year of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is a false prophet. We can state that on the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ himself.

One reason why some Christians become obsessed with determining the date of the second coming is due to their impatience. How do you remain alert and expectant when after two thousand years, he still has not come?

The answer lies in our ability to distinguish between our Lord Jesus Christ’s presence and his second coming. From the time we open our hearts to him, he is present with us. Throughout our life we will experience his presence in worship, in his word, in his daily care for us and in countless other ways.

We do not need to know the date of the second coming. In God’s own good time he will come in all his glory. That should be sufficient to persuade us to lead godly lives in expectation of that wonderful day.

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