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Look with new eyes … at the everyday – 1 March 2023

By Charlea Grey

Bible text(s)

Thanksgiving to God for his Justice

1I will praise you, LORD, with all my heart;

I will tell of all the wonderful things you have done.

2I will sing with joy because of you.

I will sing praise to you, Almighty God.

Psalms 9:1-2GNBOpen in Bible reader

In July last year, my life turned upside down. The reason? We became parents for the first time. Yes, a little girl came to turn our whole world upside down.

We knew change was inevitable, but to be honest, we did not really realise what was waiting for us. The pyjama drill, the little person who had suddenly become our biggest responsibility and the unpredictability of our new life was like a splash of ice cold water in our faces. During those first few weeks, I was discouraged and tired. I wondered when my life would return to “normal”. Of course, it didn’t. I simply had to get used to our new circumstances and the sleep deprivation.

It is now almost eight months later and life with a baby is full of challenges – constantly! However, the one thing that amazes me every day is how the everyday things suddenly took on more meaning. I look at life with new eyes.

Most mornings, when our little girl wakes up and starts happily calling, screaming and laughing from her crib, I pick her up. I take her with me when I open the living room curtains and unlock the front door. We stand on the porch for a few minutes as we breathe in the fresh morning air and see what the new day looks like. She usually tries to grab the keys while curiously looking at the rustling leaves above our heads. This is one of my favourite moments.

A new baby is a wonder! Everything is new to her. She discovers and learns something every day. Trees, leaves and flowers are all unusual, interesting and beautiful to her. (Of course, she also wants to chew on everything!) The noise of the guinea fowls fascinate her. She wants to touch and feel every new face. She gets excited when she splishes and splashes in the bath water at night. The sand under her feet is exciting, but also strange. Slowly but surely, she discovers the world. And we discover it with her all over again.

All of a sudden, I see how wonderful God made the earth. I see how the ocean’s waves startle her. I see her smiling gullibly at strangers in the shops, without prejudice, and they all smile back at her. A pineapple tastes better to me when I see how she licks small pieces and pulls her face, thinks about what she is eating and then tastes it again.

My heart rejoices when I look with new eyes at everyday things with our little girl.

I think of Psalm 136:9: “Then He made the moon and the stars to rule at night. His love for us will never end.” (English Bible for the Deaf)

Suddenly, I appreciate the things I previously took for granted and I see God’s hand anew in the world around me.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to look at the everyday things in my life with new eyes. Help me to appreciate, all over again, the things that are ordinary to me. Amen

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