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Who is this Man? – Day 2

And again: Who is this Man?

Bible text(s)

15“What about you?” he asked them. “Who do you say I am?”

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Initially, the man with the long coat and black hair operated only in Cape Town, but later across the whole of South Africa and even outside the borders.

He was different. Humble, but still He did not allow people to tread on Him. He was so loving that you could mistake it as a farce. Gentle, but still direct and frank. Everybody felt, in one or the other way, at ease with Him – except the authorities. They saw Him as a threat to themselves and their policies.

The number of his followers increased. More people came to listen to Him. At times, extra buses and trains had to be scheduled. At first, He only preached on Sundays in the St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town. No one could deliver a sermon like He did. He preached on everyday stuff like dating, internet, rugby, school or the office. Later, the Cape Town Soccer Stadium could not accommodate all the people and people watched on huge screens outside the stadium. The authorities tried to stop this and He was forbidden to speak in public.

Then suddenly, He disappeared for a few days. There was a rumour that He was murdered by the security forces. After a while, He made an appearance again and was branded as a leftist activist by the authorities and some church leaders. An anarchist, out to instigate unrest and to start a commotion in the country. He was sent to prison under false accusations and presumably killed. Many are still looking for this man. Apparently, He is still alive.

Do you know Him?

The Lord Jesus is the core of the Christian faith. In Matthew 7:24, He explained that if you want to lay a firm foundation on which you can build your life’s house, you should put these words of his into practice. One has to make a decision. Jesus is either a fantasy, or He is who He says He is – The Son of God. He can change lives.

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