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Who is this Man? – Day 3

How did it begin?

Bible text(s)

17So Christ came and preached the Good News of peace to all — to you Gentiles, who were far away from God, and to the Jews, who were near to him.

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Carl and Lizella found themselves again in church, bored and staring in front of them. In front of the pulpit, a few guys with guitars and a few singers try to lead the congregation in worship and praise. Another sermon on Jesus. Revisiting the dust-trotted retellings. Words they have already heard a thousand times. The boredom on their faces portrays a clear message: I am a modern person, I speak the language of my time and I am interactive.

The pastor struggles with this question. How does he reach his parishioners? There is a commission working on the question: How do you reach people in this day and age? The investigation is broad. How is their listening capability? What language captivates their attention? What kind of music do they like? Is it possible to utilise modern communication and social media? The opinions among the parishioners differ. That too! Is faith just an issue of taste?

The pastor decides that he will just let the Bible speak. But then in a modern and exciting way. He wants to break through their prejudice. He asks his listeners if they want to take off their twenty-first century Reeboks and Nikes and put on a pair of leather Israelite sandals to start on a journey with him. His question to his listeners is: Who is Jesus to you?

The pastor starts right at the beginning, how God became man. And how God had a new approach with the birth of His Son. An approach that does not emphasise the big divide between God and man, but instead, will bridge the divide. Incomprehensible for the Jews, who dare not even pronounce the Name of God. The beginning of Jesus’ career was surprising and unthinkable.

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