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Who is this Man? – Day 6

God reached down to us

Bible text(s)

10So the one who came down is the same one who went up, above and beyond the heavens, to fill the whole universe with his presence.

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When my children were young, we bought them a rabbit. His name was Sprocket, a lovable bunny, but somewhat afraid. When we took him his food, he would quickly run to his little wooden house, as though we were gigantic raptors from whom he must flee. Although we assured Sprocket that he need not be afraid, we could never tell him how much we love him. He did not speak human language. For him, we were enormous, two-legged creatures.

It was a pity that we could not speak rabbit language. But in order to do that, we would have to become rabbits ourselves to communicate with Sprocket. That is, of course, not possible. But suppose that it would be possible to become a rabbit, it still would have been nothing in comparison with God who became a human being. The God who made and created everything, took on the shape and form of the material He made Himself.

God did this to convince us of his love and care. He is not the big and incomprehensible God who is far off and whom we have to fear. He is not the evil God who hovers over the “rabbit house” (earth) to scare us. He is the loving God who wanted to demonstrate that.

By becoming human, God came closer to us than ever before. If you cannot come to me, then I will come to you. His intense involvement with the world became visible for anyone to see. By entering our world, He demonstrates how important you are to Him and how serious He is about the world. The love revealed an endearing baby.

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